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Wednesday, August 1, 2012

So long between sorry

I am better about actually crafting than taking the photos and posting the blog. I am going to try harder though. I have another blog that is through the eyes of my American Girl Doll Beth, and I just posted a tutorial on how to build a doll bed. You can see the tutorial Here.

This shows you how to turn inexpensive Dollar store banks into legs for a set of bunk beds for your doll, and I also used pre-cut plywood from AC Moore and wood dowels. There is a bit of sewing required. I only explained how on the sewing, but if you can not sew with a machine, since I did simple mattresses and sheets you can improvise. You could use a hot glue gun and wrap fabric around some foam,  and use hankies for top sheets and if you fold the baby blanket in half you may be able to make it work without the sewing. I am slow at sewing, so it was simple stuff all nice and straight.

The great thing about the doll is it won't complain the bed is not comfy.


I think that the dolls in this house are the BEST KIDS EVER (after my own two of course).

I want to see photos if you make this.

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