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Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Another Video of the crafts we make....

Ok so here is another video of some of the jewelry we made and sell on our Etsy page. I chose the parts and my Hubby assembles them. Making the loop takes practice and 2 pair of needle nose pliers.

We used Sterling silver head pins, jump rings, caps, posts and backs. You put on cap on the head pin, then the Swardovski crystal, then a second cap. He then creats a loop out of the end of the head pin and he uses the two pair of pliers. I have tried it. I am not good at it. You may want to purchase inexpensive head pins to practice with. He cuts the excess length of the head pin. They sell several different decorative head pins in Sterling Silver at Michaels and AC Moore.

If he is making them as a pair of earrings, he then attaches the jump rings by twisting them open with the two pair of pliers. It is very important to not pull a jump ring apart. You need to twist them so the ring will stay round and close properly. The jum rings are attached to the loop on the silver post.

They make a beautiful gift.

Don't want to make your own? Shop at

Check out the video here.

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