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Monday, October 31, 2011

Well lately I have been busy busy busy with Cub scouts and Science projects and Halloween costumes. I hope you had a very Happy Halloween. I am happy to report that my son's Cavity Sam (aka the body in the Operation game) costume was a smashing success and he won 2 contests. It proves that the idea is half the battle because I really rushed this year to complete it and it was not my cleanest paint job or my best work. I used his old Gi pants from karate and a plain white t-shirt then painted them to look like the board, both sides, because the area around Sam is yellow. I made the funatomy parts from felt or craft foam, he had an old blackberry at his waist that had a recording of the game sounds on it and a blinking reindeer nose, and a pair of tongs for his tweezers that I anchored in with the cell phone on a belt, and I used a piece of craft lacing to make the cord for the tweezers. He had the brain freeze  edition of the game so he had a head band with brain freeze on it. In between his scout party and the town contest on Halloween I scanned the brain freeze removal card and the money and printed them oversized. I glues them to fun foam and then added them to the head band. I felt that they were missing.

Not the best photo for quality but this room has bad lighting for photography as most churches do in their community rooms. This is with his younger brother who was the doctor (sadly store bought, Momma ran out of time) to go with his Operation.  This was from scouts.
Here he is with the added game pieces to his headband, I liked how you could see less of the head band better. I had a hard time getting any of the guys (those are some of his buddies in the background) to stand till for a photo they were geared up for sugar. He won Best in Show.

I hope to blog soon about my recent project. 
For now I hope that everyone had a safe and happy Halloween.

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